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Secure space in the WasabiCon Artist Alley.
Artist Alley at WasabiCon 2019
Artist Alley at WasabiCon 2019

Artists and creators of original content are an important part of the fan convention experience. Each year we’ve celebrated this fact by offering discounted space for local talent to sell their commissions, prints and other handcrafted goods. Please note that commercially packaged items are not permitted in the Artist Alley area and should be sold in the Vendors section. 

Artist Alley spaces are designed for one (1) artist per table. If you bring a second artist to sell at your space that is not a part of your group/studio, only the primary artist (the one applying) will be listed as appearing in all event-related materials.

Prior to applying, please review our Exhibitor Policies.

To apply, click the “REGISTER FOR ARTIST ALLEY” button above, and then select Exhibitors. From there, select Artist Alley. Select “Join waitlist” and complete your information to apply. Once approved, payment will be processed and you will be notified. If you aren’t approved, we will cancel your order and let you know.

Please note: Power, Internet, and parking are not included with your booth. You can order these services directly from the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center by using this form once your space is confirmed.

QUESTIONS? Contact Jessica at

2023 Artist Alley

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